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Surprised Faces Planter Set

The Surprised Faces Planter Set is one of those flower pots that will elevate the look of your small indoor garden. You can have each planter sitting in one room or place them together in your living room display space. The subtle color combination of the planters makes it suitable for a modern home. Don’t feel like placing such a beauty inside the house? Well, these can be placed in the balcony as well along with your traditional pots. The make of the Surprised Faces Planter Set is such that it will make your plants happy too. The ideal plants for these pots would be succulents.

The Ritz Golden Paradise Mug

The Ritz Golden Paradise Mug is the epitome of sophistication with its ivory and gold combination along with its classic form. Each cup has a gold handle, giving it a Midas touch of opulence and extravaganza. Artistic and aesthetic, this milk mug set has a delicate touch to it. Our series uses a contemporary form of this art to create beautiful and elegant ware that accents the Indian heritage and culture. The length-wise striped enhance the beauty of this mug by leaps and bounds.