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Tip-Toe Shell Drinking Glass

  • Made with High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Holds up to 300ml of liquid
  • Interesting look for fancy drinks
  • Packed well to ensure safe delivery
  • Perfect for home bars, restaurants, and cafe
Let's get to know the Tip-Toe Shell Drinking Glass a little better and see how well it will fit into your life! The Tip-Toe Shell Drinking Glass is going to be your new barware favorite from the entire collection you have right now. The unique design of the glass sets it apart from the other whiskey/Wine glasses available in the market. The striking features of the Tip-Toe Shell Drinking Glass is what gives off a perfect Minimalist vibe.

White Spring Floral Mugs (Set of 4)

  • Romanticism and Victorian Era can be highly compared and synced when it comes to art and design. The elements that these two periods have in common are femininity, luxuriousness, emphasis on nature, expanded imagination, and attention to small details.
  •  When we focus our attention towards the design that is inspired by these eras than we see floral patterns, the combination of pastel colours with a slight touch of dark tones, and use of subtle metallic elements, 3D floral textures, and use of different materials like glass, ceramics, and fine porcelain.
  • Our White floral spring Mugs are inspired by the classic merge of Romanticism and Victorian Era with a twist of Pop in it. The design has flashy colours like poppy green and powder blue with intricate floral details with a hint of Victorian and Romanticism aesthetics. Made with fine Porcelain and Decal printing technique with glossy glaze overall finish.