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Abstract Thoughts Thinker Accents

The Abstract Thoughts Thinker Accents are a gorgeous addition to your home decor. They can be displayed in the show cabinets or set on the foyer table. The accents represent the process of thinking. An essential part of human survival. The children are bound to be inspired. What about the adults? When we talk about how an attractive centre table decor could lead to budding conversations, the Abstract Thoughts Thinker Accents win the game. They could also be used to add a hint of surprise to unconventional places.

Elongated Face Planter

The Elongated Face Planter is a must-have for your home garden. It can be a great piece of decor that is suitable for different places. The sleek design of the panter will enable the flowers and plants to be the star of the show! The not-so-loud color of the planter is perfect for bright flowers! The modern aura of the planter is sure to impress your guests. When placed on the foyer table with a storage bowl and a wall art, it will talk volumes about your high-end taste in decor. The Elongated Face Planter is also great for hotel decor.

Feng Shui Galloping Horse

The Feng Shui Galloping Horse Showpiece with Wooden Base is a gorgeous showpiece that will redefine your decor style. The high-end finish of the piece shall make it perfect for an office space too. When placed in the living room, the table accent should bring peace and strength amongst family members. Inspired by the rustic style of decor, the Feng Shui Galloping Horse Showpiece with Wooden Base shows off some subdued hues, a comfortable feel, and easy-going vibes. If these are the kind of concepts you’re looking to add to your space, then go for it! Style rooms in the perfect Rustic Decor way!

Feng Shui Golden Elephant Showpiece with Wooden Base

The Feng Shui Golden Elephant Showpiece with Wooden Base is a simple and elegant decor piece that comes with its set of benefits. Taking inspiration from Rustic Decor, the table accent showcases an elephant with a raised trunk is supposed to bring luck. This piece shall also enable the creation of a stronger bond between the parents and children. When placed in the children's or the parent's bedroom, the accent shall work its charm on the relationship. Along with this, the Feng Shui Golden Elephant Showpiece with Wooden Base could be placed on your work or study desk to bring positive growth in your career. So apart from being a decor piece, this elephant showpiece shall also do you good!

Flask Planter

Round bottom flasks hanging on a wooden tray, perfect for those science enthusiasts! Our flask planters have a Minimal style using organic materials and a touch of modernity are perfect decor pieces for all spaces- indoor or outdoor. The ideal decor piece to be kept on your side table, balconies, or even study tables, these flask planters bring a sense of style and calmness together. Minimalism emerged in New York in the 1960s, characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a literal, objective approach. The concept relies on the belief that instead of owning a lot, the focus should be shifted to owning necessary items and living a clutter-free life. Today, the idea of minimalism fits well into our lives, owing to the acceptance of sustainability, functionality, ergonomics.

King of Beasts Tiger Table Accent

The King of Beasts Tiger Table Accent is a gorgeous piece that will act as a statement of your decor. The small yet impactful decor item is going to wow all guests. Plus, being a part of the Feng Shui philosophy, this tiger showpiece is going bring your strength and valor! Our table accent takes inspiration from the Ancient Chinese culture, where tigers were known as the king of the beasts.

Luxury Crystal Paradise Glass (With Spoon)

Opulent glasses, luxurious style- The Luxury Crystal paradise glasses are a treat to one's eyes with its mesmerising crystal embellishments and the excellent craftsmanship. Our Luxury Crystal Paradise Glasses are inspired by the classic merge of Romanticism and Victorian Era. The Victorian and Romanticism aesthetics are evident in the design. The enamel cups are all made by every highly skilled craftsman, each piece is unique art, never fade as time passed. Made with crystal glass and enamelling process.

Modern Art Geometric Panther Statue

  • Made with Resin
  • The perfect size for a console table decor
  • Geometric pattern makes the statue interesting
  • Packed well to ensure safe delivery
  • Perfect for homes, offices, and hotel decor
Let's get to know the Modern Art Geometric Panther Statue a little better and see how well it will fit into your life! Home Decor that is Beyond the Realm of Design! The Modern Art geometric Panther Statue is a gorgeous piece that will fit right into any space in your home decor! Whether you place it on your console table or show it off via your display cabinet, the Modern Art Geometric Panther Statue will be eye-catching! The design of this statue is such that it will be a conversation starter.